Employee Engagement and Gratification through Interactive Contests

Online contests are a popular approach to creating customer experiences more engaging and fun. Now this approach is slowly making its way to the human resources, captivating the attention of HR managers as a potent tool for fostering employee engagement and gratification. Human resource managers are recognizing the potential of contests to foster a sense of fun, play, and curiosity within the workplace. Engagement contests break traditional boundaries, promoting a collaborative and motivated workforce, irrespective of whether employees are working remotely or in the office.  This approach draws inspiration from real-life competitions, incorporating elements like leaderboards, badges, levels, and point systems into various organisational entities like talent acquisition, training, and entertainment activities. The approach of using contests to promote employee engagement can be applied to almost any field such as healthcare, education, business and social or personal training. It brings together amusement, rewards and building connections through a single platform.

1. Understanding the Workplace Demographics

A substantial portion of today's organisational workforce comprises millennials, a demographic constantly seeking innovative methods to stay engaged and motivated in their professional endeavours. One way to motivate such employees is by incorporating contests that combine measurability, rewards, independence and challenges. It can even boost collaboration and feedback within the organisation if used effectively.

2. Motivation

Contests, as a part of human cognition, offer motivation that is linked to the intrinsic reward system of the brain while supporting organisational goals. The players feel a sense of accomplishment. It in turn improves retention of knowledge, team building and collaboration, and cultural integration. Scores, ranks, and leader boards, when shared throughout the system, create a sense of excitement among employees, as they feel more recognised. This in turn encourages increased participation and improved performance. Intrinsic rewards have a far greater impact on levels of engagement, than extrinsic rewards, resulting in better results.

3. Memorable

Contests make learning more interactive and memorable. Organizations can create a more engaging learning experience by integrating training content with contest elements. The contests increase the employees’ willingness to play while learning and enhancing their knowledge retention capabilities. It also improves the efficiency, social intelligence and conscientiousness of employees.

The integration of interactive contests into employee engagement strategies offers a multifaceted approach to building a resilient and engaged workforce. Tadaang leverages the principles of fun, play, and competition to motivate employees, improve knowledge retention, and foster a culture of collaboration with our employee engagement program. Beyond traditional employee engagement methods, our approach presents a unique blend of amusement, rewards, and connection, laying the foundation for a workplace where employees are not just productive but also fulfilled.