Are you looking for innovative ways to engage your brands with customers in dynamic and creative ways? Welcome to the world of contest marketing.

What is Contest Marketing?

A contest marketing campaign is a marketing strategy designed to get audience members to compete in a meaningful way with the intention of winning a prize. A brilliantly planned contest marketing campaign earns significant engagement and builds brand awareness among the right audience.


Tadaang offers a range of interesting contests that connect your brand with consumers helping better engagement, brand awareness and loyalty.

  • 1Highlight product/brand attributes via engaging contests.
  • 2A unique platform streamlined to ensure a smooth experience for your participants.
  • 3Contest landing pages that can be customised according to your brand guidelines.
  • 4Creative, ideas, technology, implementation, support – all under a single roof.

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Use Cases

Store Launches

Tadaang offers a range of captivating contests designed to build connections with the ideal audience in a targeted environment. This strategy not only enhances brand visibility but also contributes to shaping a positive brand image.

Mall Activation

Integrating contests by Tadaang at malls creates a direct connection between a customer and the brand, fostering engagement and nurturing relationships with the consumer base. This approach is an effective strategy for building and strengthening brand connections.


Placing contests in exhibitions helps boost excitement around the event. It adds a lively element, attracting attendees to the venue. Tadaang has curated contests specifically designed for exhibitions, ensuring a perfect fit for creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

Product Launch

Crafting engaging contests is an innovative approach to generating excitement and anticipation surrounding the introduction of a new product in the market. Tadaang excels in creating such captivating online and offline contests.

Online Promotions

Online promotions are key to building a strong digital presence for brands, providing an effective means to reach a wider audience. And, to boost the impact of online promotions, it is important to establish engaging connections between your business and customers. Tadaang offers a variety of exciting online contests that captivate one’s attention and connect with brands.


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Matching game
Spin the wheel
Find the Product
Word Match
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